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Nutrition Therapists in Harley Street, Central London, including Mayfair, Marylebone , Knightsbridge, Chelsea and South Kensington

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Food is medicine. We tailor an individual diet, nutrition plan or combine both according to your condition presented at our clinic, we strongly believe that the food you choose to eat could reflect the level of your health. As we know, any disease reaches to a fatal, it must be through different stages, if we could aware the importance of the food, notice it at the early stage, we might stop it at the early stage before it is getting worse.

In our clinic, we offer you with a wide arrange of knowledge and laboratory test services to ensure that you understand the level of nutrient and mineral of your daily intaking food and the nutritional state of your body.

We highly recommend 5 primary elements in life, good sleep, plenty of water, positive thinking, healthy food and regular exercise.

We can help you with conditions

* Insomnia
* Stress
* Fatigue
* Infertility
* Menopause
* High Blood Pressure
* Diabetes
* Celiac
* Constipation

If you are a busy person at work or a regular traveller, we could offer you online support, we can give you consultation by Skype or Face time

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Phone number: 020 7041 9595 or FaceTime and Skype on 07876291933
Email: [email protected]

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